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Residential Sites

                    Aspen House            Hawthorn House            Marysville Quilceda Meadows                 Nobel House            Redwood House   

In 1979, Quilceda Community Services began providing residential care for adults with developmental disabilities, with the main concern of always providing quality and  individualized care in a affordable home environment.

Quilceda Community Services is known for having highly trained and compassionate caregivers who are dedicated to their disabled clients. Our Locations are in Marysville residential neighborhoods and are completely tobacco free. 


The agency promotes healthy living for tenants and employees. Clients are encouraged to make healthy food choices with a blance of nutrition and portions. Staying active is encouraged with routine walking, dancing, and bowling each week. Cognitive wellness is maintained when clients attend recreational day programs, volunteer job sites, and community events.


Our residential program at Quilceda Community Services is always reviewing applications for quality staff members to care for our adult clients with special needs.

We are a non-profit, equal opportunity employer. The agency provides medical, dental and vision benefits to full time employees. 

See "Job Opportunities" on the home page, if you are intereseted in applying for one of our positions!   


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