History of Quilceda Community Services


Origianally named North Snohomish County Group Home Association, Inc. the private non-profit was founded in 1976 by parents in an effort to provide supervised and productive environment for their adult disabled children. Unable to manage their lives effectively without assistance or supervision from others, this would also be a means to ensure a protective residential site when the parents could no longer care for them or when they were no longer living.


In a time before there were any specialized programs, these adults moved to Quilceda House from their family homes or state funded public institutions for the disabled. While living at Quilceda House, all clients attended sheltered employment programs, activity day programs, community volunteer sites, or work accompanied by job coaches during the weekdays.


In 2008 seeing a need in the community and with 4 attendees, the agency started a specialized recreation program called Willow Place. Currently, the program is offered Monday through Friday with twice a day sessions. Our clients come from many local communities and the activities are suitable for many levels of special needs adults. 

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