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Willow Place provides 10 weekly sessions offering a fitness hour, art hour, and a social hour at each of the 10 sessions. All activities focus on wellness and are ability - appropriate to meet each client's level and to keep them social, active, verbal, and learning new things.


Current programming is Monday thru Friday. Morning session is from 9am until noon and Afternoon session is from 1pm until 4pm. Each 3 hour session includes:


Social Hour - specialized bingo, group language games, puzzles, sensory motor activities, use of instruments, singing, and a Drumming Circle.

Fitness Hour - warm-up stretches, floor exercises, ZUMBA, YOGA, weight use, aerobics, dancing, partner/group games, large exercise balls, balance/strength exercises, hoops, parachute/cooperband games, medicine balls, and a walking Club.

Art Hour - painting, stitchery/sewing projects, collage work, beading, stamping, dough/clay creations, and crafts.

Willow Place attendees range in age from 18 to seniors. Many disabilities are represented including: Down Syndrome, Alzheimer's, Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, autism, blindness, deafness, cognitive delays, seizure disorders, Williams/Angelmans Syndromes, and learning delays. Several clients are older and have been "retired" from their simulated work. Others are younger but lack the cognitive and work skills for employment. Clients reside in 11 Snohomish County communities. All are transported to/from Willow Place in family/provider cars, DART, agency vans, or school district vans.

Willow Place is intended to supplement the work/training schedules already in place for it's clients. Providers/guardians report the 10 sessions Willow Place is open, allows this to happen for their person. Local school districts contract with the agency to use Willow Place as the off-site specialized recreation program to introduce exiting students and their parents to available community programs. Districts provide a van and classroom assistant to have students attend each week. Often parents continue having their student attend the program during the summer and after exiting the Transition Programs.

Willow Place is a DDA Certified Respite Care Provider.  Clients must be registered prior to attendance. First visit is free. Clients not registered with Respite are assessed minimal user fees for Willow Place at $15.00/session and $5.00 for those clients who stay over the lunch hour from 12 noon until 1 pm. Scholarships are available for clients having limited funds.

Many services for disabled adults have been eliminated in Snohomish County. These cuts leave disabled adults within their homes, alone, and isolated from the community at large. With this isolation comes lack of motivation, depression, loneliness, inactivity, and possible health or obesity concerns. Willow Place has been designed to keep these adults active, engaged, mentally challenged, and involved. Many of the clients previously utilized services that have been closed. All have been pleased with the activities offered at Willow Place and attend one or more times each week.

Willow Place is fortunate to have a qualified Activity Manager who oversees the program and facilitates the activities each session. Several volunteers routinely provide assistance in the program with yoga, drumming, organization, and 1:1 attention for the participants.

Persons interested in attending Willow Place can drop by for a free visit or request a Registration Form    by calling Rachel at 360-653-2324.

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