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Willow Place offers recreational programs 5 days a week. While keeping flexible to include every special need possible, the schedule provides a variety of fitness, art, music and social time.  All activities focus on wellness, keeping them active and learning new things.  

Current programming is Monday thru Friday. Morning session is from 9am until noon and Afternoon session is from 1pm until 4pm. 

Check out the calendar on " Willow Place Recreational Place" tab at the top of this page!

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Hello friends,

I am so excited to share with you that Willow Place will soon begin offering some in-person activity!    Ya-hoo! It has been a long time coming! Please bear in mind that in order to keep everyone as safe as possible, many things will be different. We will begin by creating “pods” of up to 5 individuals. Then we will offer 2-hour sessions (one art hour and one fitness hour) for these pods to attend together once a week. If you are interested in attending, please click the link at the bottom of this email and submit the form by Oct. 26th detailing which time slot(s) would work for you. I will then group together 5 individuals for each time slot, so watch for further emails. 

Though much fun will be had, extra precautions have been/will be taken during this time:

  • All staff and clients will be temperature screened upon arrival
  • Clients and/or caregivers who exhibit any COVID-like symptoms will be sent home 
  • Only those attending the session will be permitted to enter the building 
  • Facial coverings will be required at all times, except during strenuous fitness
  • Games and activities will be socially distanced
  • Any extra items brought from home will need to be stored in our new “lockers”
  • Outdoor activities will be offered whenever possible
  • Ability-appropriate signage throughout building will explain hand-washing and face masks
  • Regular hand-washing and sanitizing will be enforced
  • New hospital-grade air filtration system installed
  • Extensive facility cleaning and disinfecting of often-touched surfaces during and after each session

Thank you for understanding that to provide proper sanitizing/filtration equipment, each 2 hour session will be a cost of $20 per person (DDA respite may be used), and will be charged regardless of attendance. Caregivers will be considered an attendee and as such will be charged the same as a client. This is due to capacity regulations. 

We have missed you!!!! 

Here is the link to fill out the form:



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


Rachel Hawkins
Willow Place Manager
(360) 653-2324 Ext.6


Aerobics in the gym!

Fitness Hour - warm-up stretches, floor exercises, ZUMBA, yoga, weight use, aerobics, dancing, partner, individual and group games. Exercise balls, balance and strength exercises, hoops and a walking club.

Art Hour - painting, sewing projects, collage work, beading, stamping, clay creations, and other crafts.

Willow Place attendees minimum age is 18 years old all the way to seniors!  Several clients are older and have retired from their simulated work. Others are younger but lack the cognitive and work skills for employment. The diverse programing schedule has something for everyone and covers a wide range of disabilites, skill levels and learning delay challenges. Because there are so many transportation options available, it enables more clients to  attending from all over Snohomish County. Contact Rachel, our Willow Place manager for more information.

Willow Place is intended to supplement work or training schedules for participating clients.  Local school districts contract with the agency to utilize Willow Place for a specialized recreation program and introduce exiting students and their parents to available community programs. Districts provide a van and classroom assistant to have students attend each week. students may also continue to attend the program during the summer and after exiting the transition programs.

Willow Place is a DDA Certified Respite Care Provider.  Clients must be registered prior to attendance. First visit is free. Clients not registered with Respite are assessed minimal user fees for Willow Place at $20.00/session and $5.00 for those clients who stay over the lunch hour from 12 noon until 1 pm. Scholarships are available for clients having limited funds.

Many services for disabled adults have been eliminated in Snohomish County. These cuts often leave disabled adults not only alone and isolated from the community, but lacking a positve and active lifestyle. With this isolation comes lack of motivation, depression, loneliness, in addition to the possible health or obesity concerns. Willow Place has been designed to keep all adults active and engaged, mentally challenged, and involved. We have many clients who attend more than one session a week so as not to miss out on alll the fun and popular activites! 

Willow Place is fortunate to have a qualified activity manager and helpful aides who oversee and coordinate a busy and exciting daily schedule.  Often guest volunteers provide  special activites like yoga, drumming, etc. 

Stop by for a free visit or contact our activity manager Rachel to schedule an appointment for a tour!  360-653-2324 option 6.

Registrations form click the link below or contact Rachel.

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